Healthy Behaviour in Modern Society

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Thematic Areas

  1. Psychological aspects of health
  2. Health in modern society
    • social programs supporting health,
    • social organization supporting health
  3. Health in the cross-cultural perspective
    • cultural beliefs supporting healthy behavior
      e.g. filial piety, culture norms and habits influencing health
  4. Traditional and modern techniques supporting health
    • e.g. acupuncture, mindfulness techniques, activation of energetic system
  5. Life style and health
    • pro-healthy physical activity
    • risky behavior and health
    • dietetics in the prevention and therapy of health disorder
  6. Health and healthy behaviors promotion in life-span
    • health promotion in the family
    • shaping healthy habits in children
    • promotion of healthy behaviors among children and adolescents
    • healthy active aging
  7. Psychophysiological determinants of health
  8. Healthy behaviors in work place
  9. Healthy behaviors and spiritual life
  10. Healthy behaviors for vulnerable groups (women/children, who are victims of trafficking, the elderly, people with disabilities, drug users, HIV / AIDS, …)
  11. Health behaviors after natural disasters
  12. Promotion Healthy behaviors for victims of Agent Orange and Veterans
  13. Pro-health resources in human body and mind
  14. Methodological aspects of health psychology

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